Trump asked Rob Porter 'several times' if he'd take over for White House counsel Don McGahn: report
Former Trump aide Rob Porter (left) and outgoing WH counsel Don McGahn (right). Images via screengrab.

President Donald Trump asked his former aide Rob Porter if he'd take over for White House counsel Don McGahn while expressing frustration with the West Wing lawyer.

According to sources who spoke to The New York Times, Porter told the president that he didn't think he was qualified for the position.

The conversations were said to have taken place in 2017, prior to the ex-aide being ousted from the White House after domestic abuse allegations against him became public. The report noted that Trump asked Porter if he was interested in the job "several times."

On Wednesday, the president announced via tweet that McGahn will leave the White House in the fall. According to CNN's Robert Costa, the White House counsel wasn't aware of the decision before Trump tweeted about it.