Trump has a guilty conscience over Trump Tower meeting: CNN legal analyst
Donald Trump falsely claims to have won women voters in the 2016 election/Screenshot

On Monday, CNN's legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, Joey Jackson, explained that President Trump's latest reaction to new revelations of the Trump tower meeting shows that he has a "conscience of guilt."

President Trump frantically tweeted that the purpose of the Trump tower meeting was to gather dirt on Hilliary Clinton.

"If we know that the fact is there's such a meeting, we now know that the meeting involved the Russians, we know that there was also lies that were told about the meeting, and what's the relevance of a lie told?" Jackson asked.

"When you tell a lie of what you're doing, we lawyers call consciousness of guilt," Jackson said. "So there's information that the president was very well aware of this."

Jackson continued: "We have Cohen and corroborates it. There's corroboration. So if you look at the facts as you laid them out, you know, as we discussed the facts, looking at the law and apply the two, it's a credible argument to be made the statute violated and that a foreign power was involved in the elections with the knowledge of the parties involved here."

Watch the video below via CNN.