Trump supporter calling for end to Mueller investigation face-plants after reporter points out her Benghazi shirt
A Trump supporter who does not support the Mueller investigation goes down in flames trying to explain why/Screenshot

Robert Mueller's investigation into the Donald Trump campaign's collusion with Russia in the 2016 election is a tricky question for Trump supporters, as seen in a new video by The Young Turks.

In the video, interviewer Eric Byler asks Trump supporters outside the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. where they stand.

Most said that they support the investigation. One woman who was skeptical of the investigation, but wearing a t-shirt depicting Hillary Clinton as the Joker from Batman and bearing the slogan "What difference does it make?" went down in flames trying to cast doubt on the investigation.

"When you get up into the government there is so many cover-ups and things that the public just doesn't know about," she said.

The woman said she wouldn't mind knowing, but that there were not enough "resources" to ever get the truth.

"In a perfect world it would be great for us to know," she said. "But in reality, if we're using valuable resources to get to a conclusion that we probably will never end up at... It's very hard to prove that kind of stuff."

She was then asked about her shirt—and face-planted, hard.

Watch below.