Trump supporter Amy Kremer claims Laura Ingraham loves immigration because 'she adopted a girl from Guatemala'
Chris Cuomo interviews Amy Kremer about Laura Ingraham's comments/Screenshot

On Friday, Women for Trump chair Amy Kremer attempted to defend Fox News host Laura Ingraham's racist comments by saying that she cares about immigrants because she adopted a child from Guatemala.

"She should own what she said which is that certain kinds of people make her feel uncomfortable. That she doesn't see them as part of the America that she knows and loves. You can't take the immigrants out of this country. We are a melting pot," CNN's Chris Cuomo said.

"I completely agree. I know she has no problem with that. She has a daughter she adopted from Guatemala. She actually just took a trip back there in 2016 with her daughter to feed the poor and the less fortunate," Kremer said. "She has shown that she cares about people of color by the work she's done. I like to judge people by their actions."

"You're insinuating she's a racist," Kremer said to Cuomo.

Cuomo, then fact-checked her.

"No, no. What I'm saying is if she doesn't believe that having brown people here and people of different races and from different places is a problem, then she shouldn't have said it," Cuomo said.

"If she had a problem with that, why would she have adopted a child?" Kremer said.

Watch the video below via CNN.