Trump surrogate admits the president goes ‘too far’ as he’s grilled by CNN host over attacks on the media
CNN host Poppy Harlow and Trump surrogate David Urban. (Screenshot/CNN)

During a CNN interview on Monday, host Poppy Harlow forced a former Trump campaign aide to admit that the president's attacks on the media had gone "too far."

"Over the weekend, the president declared once again that the fake news is the enemy of the people and then he said they, meaning us, the media, 'can also cause war.' Is that taking this too far? Is that dangerous at a point in time when journalists have threats against their life?" Harlow asked David Urban.

"Sure, again, I think that the president is correct on this. Look at the words, fake news as he said is bad," he replied.

"He calls CNN fake news. And you know it's not --" Harlow shot back.

"I don't think he called the entire network," Urban insisted.

"Yes, he does, he writes it, you wouldn't be on this network if you thought that and he said they, meaning the media, they can also cause war. I understand you work for him, you're a friend of his, but is this taking it too far?"

"Yeah, look, I think it's taking it a little bit too far. I think there are very, very many good journalists in America and across the world and people risk their lives every day to get the truth out all across the world," Urban admitted.

"But at the same time, there are lots and lots of bad journalists. To say there are no bad journalists is just naive for anybody's account. There are bad doctors, there are bad lawyers, there are bad accountants and to think there are no bad journalists, just does not -- doesn't pass a straight face test

"Except you know that's not what the president does," Harlow remarked, "he groups together huge networks and newspapers and says they are all fake news then says they can cause war so -- I appreciate your candor."

"Listen, Poppy, let me put it this way, I don't think anyone at CNN or journalists that you or I work with cause war. How about that?" Urban said.

"I appreciate that," Harlow said.

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