'Try to act like you care:' Morning Joe panel buries Ivanka for pretending she has no power to influence Trump
A Morning Joe panel discusses first daughter Ivanka Trump (Screen cap).

A "Morning Joe" panel on Friday dropped the hammer on first daughter Ivanka Trump, who said on Thursday that her own father's immigrant family separation policies marked a "low point" for her personally in her role serving in the Trump White House.

Host Mika Brzezinski lambasted the first daughter for acting like she was a helpless bystander who could do nothing to stop her father from creating baby jails for undocumented immigrants. And even worse, she said, Ivanka only talked about how her father's family separation policies affected her personally.

"Ivanka has never talked about the topic, other than congratulating her father over Twitter after he stopped the policy that he created," Brzezinski fumed. "Yet hundreds, possibly thousands, of children's lives still hang in the balance -- but that was a low point for her! So these kids are sitting in detention facilities. They're at 'summer camp,' some would say, facing potentially never seeing their seeing their families again."

Brzezinski went on to say that if Ivanka Trump ever really had political ambitions of her own, she'd have to do much better when it comes to actually empathizing with others.

"You're going to have to try to act like you care," she said. "You're going to try to have to act like people are not merchandise products. You're going to have to act like this matters to the fabric that this country was created upon."

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio, meanwhile, slammed Ivanka for pretending she has no influence over her own father's policies.

"This should be her agenda," she said. "And to talk about things in the way of -- 'I was upset and it was my low point' -- stop it and do something!"

Watch the video below.