Van Jones: There's 'zero difference' between Laura Ingraham's 'demographic' comments and neo-Nazi beliefs
Van Jones on CNN/Screenshot

CNN host Van Jones opened his Saturday show with an impassioned denunciation of white nationalism and Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

In the monologue, Jones rolled footage of an avowed neo-Nazi giving an interview to CNN.

"This guy actually openly wears Swastikas on his shirt and he says America is his country because he's white," Jones said. "Now, to be fair, 12 of that guy's neighbors came out immediately [and said] they don't agree with this guy, he doesn't represent their community."

But, Jones said, the Nazi is not alone.

"Those same themes that were once considered so extreme are now becoming mainstream, at least in conservative media," he said.

Jones then played the clip of Laura Ingraham bemoaning the "demographic changes" that mean American whites will soon be a minority.

"I see zero difference between what Laura Ingraham is saying on mainstream cable and what the Nazi was saying in front of his house," Jones said. "Literally, it's the same message."

Watch below.