The View's Meghan McCain slammed for defending Trump's 'brilliant' culture war: 'The War on Christmas is real!'
'The View's' Meghan McCain debates the 'War on Christmas' (Screen cap).

The hosts of "The View" on Wednesday mocked Meghan McCain for insisting that there really was a "War on Christmas" that President Donald Trump was supposedly "brilliant" to exploit.

The controversy started after the show played a clip of Trump talking about how people were afraid to say "Merry Christmas" before he was elected as president.

Host Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she generally says "Happy Holidays" to people in December, largely because she can't be sure of whether the people she's greeting are Christians or not.

McCain took this admission as proof that there actually is a "War on Christmas" because Goldberg believed that she was being more "inclusive" by saying, "Happy Holidays."

"Just the mention of saying it's more inclusive to say 'Happy Holidays,' I don't think I'm not inclusive," she said. "I'm a Christian, I say, 'Merry Christmas.' And U would like to wish everyone 'Merry Christmas' to everyone, and no one's been offended, at least to my face."

McCain's admission that no one has actually ever berated her for wishing them "Merry Christmas" led her other hosts to point out that there is no real "War on Christmas."

McCain, however, was not dissuaded.

"I think the 'War on Christmas' is a real thing in our culture because we're having a debate about it right now at this table!" she said.

"It's a B.S. debate!" Goldberg shot back.

Watch the video below.