VMAs stage moving family reunification of immigrants live -- while rapper Logic wears 'F*ck the wall' shirt
Families at the VMAs (Photo: Screen capture)

Rapper Logic joined with singer and songwriter Ryan Tedder to stage a powerful activist performance during the MTV Video Music Awards Monday.

Before they began, actress Teyana Taylor explained that every generation has artists that hope to raise the public consciousness about an issue.

"Every generation has artists that act as its conscience, who use their platform to shine a light in the darkness," she said. "As we saw, on the VMAs last year, our next performer is one of this generation's most thoughtful, positive and impactful voices for change."

The theater was flooded with children wearing white t-shirts reading "We are all human beings." Logic wore a black shirt reading "F*ck the Wall."

Lyrics for Logic's son "One Day" include:

And you know, we know we do it for the children

I never thought I'd see the day I made a million

A couple dozen later, feel like everybody feel 'em

I ain't mean to boast in that last line

But counting money's always been my favorite pastime

Especially with a past like mine

Drugs in the household

Never had a hand to hold

Even when I was homeless in the blistering cold, but I made it out

And if I can, you can no doubt

I know

Behind the kids on stage was a long yellow police tape on the screen reading "U.S. Border Patrol." At the end of the song, the curtain behind them went up and their parents came out to stand with their children.

Watch below: