WATCH: Group of black friends gets booted from Atlanta's upscale restaurant after complaining about drunk party crasher
A group being kicked out of a lounge [Photo: Screengrab from video]

A group of friends were celebrating a birthday at Overdrive Lounge in the Solis hotel when they experienced alleged racial discrimination, reported Atlanta Black Star.

Kodili Okechukwu recorded a video of her group being asked to leave and posted it to social media. The incident started when a random woman sat down in the group's reserved section.

"We were enjoying a nice birthday dinner at Solis Two Porsche Drive, a hotel located on the grounds of Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and then this random woman, obviously drunk, comes to sit down at our table," Okechukwu wrote on Facebook.

The group asked the woman to leave and she refused. That's when the employees of the restaurant got involved

"The manager eventually showed up and did not move her from our table," she wrote. "An argument ensued after she continued to curse at us, and then my friend ( who is a 6’3 black man ) literally TAPPED the manager on the shoulder to speak to him and he turned around terrified and yelled, 'If you touch me again, I will call security on you!!'" [sic]

After this, the entire group was escorted out of the restaurant. Other employees at the lounge told Okechukwu that racial discrimination runs rampantly within the company.

Watch the video below.