Watch what happens when Sacha Baron Cohen calls OJ Simpson a 'Ladykiller' to his face
Sache Baron Cohen and OJ Simpson (Photo: Screen capture)

The season finale of Sacha Baron Cohen's show "Who is America?" is Sunday, revealing one of the final major guests will be acquitted football player O.J. Simpson.

The past episodes have shown both Democrats and Republicans being duped by the comedian clad in prosthetic makeup. Some have simply walked out of interviews, others, like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), worked diligently to dispell conspiracy theories.

One Republican, however, kicked off the season baring his posterior on national television while chasing after Cohen and screaming he was a homosexual.

In a promotional video from Showtime released Sunday, Simpson appeared for a conversation with one of Cohen's characters.

“Me and you, we’ve got something in common," said Cohen dressed in costume. "We’re both, how you say, ladykillers.”

“No, I didn’t kill nobody!” Simpson promised while laughing.

Watch the clip below: