WATCH: LA woman throws hot coffee in Hispanic worker's face after reportedly ranting about 'wetbacks'
Screenshots of racial incident recorded at the 2300 block of Fox Hills Drive in Century City.

After allegedly being called a "wetback" by a woman at an upscale apartment complex, a worker had a cup of scalding hot coffee thrown in his face.

Miguel Sanchez and a coworker say they had arrived at a building in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles’ Westside to do some work.

Sanchez says they were accosted by an irate woman, with two small dogs -- who physically blocked them from entering.

"She was calling us wetbacks, and that we were probably there to steal stuff," Sanchez told KTLA. "After all those racial comments on us, I got my phone out and started recording."

Sanchez also called police and can be heard saying, “There’s a lady being super racist and crazy right now. She doesn't let us in; we work here.”

Showing the woman the garage remote and unit keys they were given by the owner of the unit who had hired them only fueled the woman's anger.

"She took two steps forward and she threw the coffee directly at my face," Sanchez reported.

Fearing negative employment outcomes, Sanchez did not press charges.

“I can make a difference in this world, knowing that if I act like this, maybe it will make others think that we’re not so bad, just the color my skin or the job that I do,” he said.

Watch the video below via KTLA: