Watch: Michael Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis smacks down Fox News host for 'not knowing the facts' of the case
Lanny Davis [Photo: Screengrab from video]

In an interview with Fox News' Martha McCallum, Michael Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis slammed the host for making broad assumptions about the case while not knowing the facts uncovered by federal prosecutors.

After quoting a comment made by former Federal Election Commission chairman Hans von Spakovsky claiming Donald Trump's "hush money" payments to two women who alleged affairs with him were not campaign violations, Davis set the record straight.

"It's perfectly appropriate for someone who doesn't know the facts to disagree with federal prosecutors who investigated the facts and I respect anybody's opinion," Davis said.

Nevertheless, he added, "there's only one law."

"There aren't two laws, and the law doesn't make a distinction between money that comes from a campaign that is for the principal purpose of politics, which is what the prosecutors found," Davis said.

"There's no distinction between, as Mr. Trump said, campaign funds or personal funds," he concluded.

Watch below: