WATCH: New Mexico cop shatters car window and drags driver over broken glass after accusing him of seat belt violation
Police officer breaking a car window with his bare hands in New Mexico

Disturbing video from a traffic stop in New Mexico documents law enforcement shattering the window of a car during a traffic stop over a disputed allegation of not wearing a seatbelt.

The video, exclusively revealed by The Free Thought Project was shot by Angela Fisher-Herrera from the passenger seat of a car, showing the violent arrest of Antony Page, her friend who was driving the vehicle.

According to Fisher-Herrara, a New Mexico State Trooper identified only as Officer Cabana stopped the two for a seat belt violation.

Trooper Cabana was unhappy that Page refused to roll down his window all of the way, though he was reportedly complying with the law as the officer and driver could clearly hear each other.

"No thank you," Page replied to the officer's demand.

Fisher-Herrara feared the trooper's intentions enough to call 911 and request another officer.

"According to Angela, the entire interaction was captured on video and proves they had their seat belts on," The Free Thought Project reported. "Angela explains that they are keeping the full video to present at their trial."

Fisher-Herrara then began recording the interaction with her cell phone.

The shocking video shows an officer, with stripes on his sleeve, breaking the car's windows with his bare hands.

Fisher-Herrara can be heard shouting, "don't break his arm" as the supervisor twists the driver's arm over the freshly broken glass.

"Do not break his arm," she had to repeat to the law enforcement officers. "Do not hurt him."

As police attempt to drag the driver from the vehicle that was pulled over for a seat belt violations, their actions are slowed by the fact the driver is wearing a seat belt.

"You’re under goddamn arrest!” a police officer shouts as Page is thrown to the ground.

A judge dismissed the charges when the arresting officer failed to appear in court.

The same cop has reportedly brought charges against them again, with a warrant issued for their arrest.

Page and Fisher-Herrara said they will continue to fight the charges.

The New Mexico State Police did not respond to The Free Thought Project requests for comment on their exclusive video.