WATCH: Off-duty NY cop busted for shooting a man in the face and planting evidence in personal dispute
NYPD Sgt. Ritchard Blake shooting Thayvone Santana in Brooklyn.

Surveillance footage captured an off-duty New York Police Department sergeant shooting a man in the face and appearing to plant evidence on the victim, PIX 11 News reports.

NYPD Sergeant Ritchard Blake, 40, shot Thayvone Santana, 21, in Brooklyn early Thursday morning.

The video appears to show Sergeant Blake planting an object near the victim -- then looking up and noticing the surveillance camera -- after which he picked it back up.

Blake also reportedly claimed that he did not know the victim and that the shooting was self-defense after an attempted robbery.

The victim's family told WABC that the two men were in a love triangle and had been fighting over a woman for weeks.

"We think there may have been some dispute prior to this incident," NYPD Chief of Department Terry Monahan said in a press briefing.

Blake, an 18-year veteran officer was on probation at the time of the shooting following a domestic battery arrest. He was placed on "modified duty" following the shooting.

“There are certain things that we saw in this investigation that we have questions that we want answered at this point, until we answer that we felt it was best to place him on modified duty," Chief Monahan explained.

No weapons where found on Santana, who is now in stable condition at a local hospital.

"This remains an open and fluid investigation, and the NYPD is coordinating closely with the Kings County District Attorney's office. Video of the incident has been recovered and is under review," the NYPD said in a statement. "The video captures actions that raise serious questions, and require further investigation. Recovered video is being shared with the Kings County DA."

The Sergeants Benevolent Association said that "it is also important that the good work that police officers of all ranks do every day not be diminished in any way."