Watch what Sacha Baron Cohen gets these conservative internet trolls to do with a dummy of Donald Trump
Sacha Baron Cohen schools three conservative trolls (Photo: Screen capture)

Sacha Baron Cohen struck again with a lesson for three conservative internet trolls known for attacking women and Muslims online.

In Sunday's episode of "Who is America," Cohen, as anti-terror expert Col. Erran Morad, showed the man how they could infiltrate liberal protest groups like the anti-fascists known as Anti-Fa.

To get the men to a place where they can have conversations with liberals, Morad teaches them how many pounds of air is needed in a Nissan Leaf, an episode of the HBO series "Girls" they can reference, how to identify a lesbian and how to properly attack President Donald Trump.

When asked to describe the typical clothes of a radical lesbian the men quickly identified the woman as dressing in men's jeans, a flannel shirt and having short hair.

"Just trying to look like a guy," said one man.

However, it was the effort to attack the president that resulted in the men chasing after a dummy of the president with sex toys and mimicking a same-sex threesome.

"That would be hard," said the elder of the three men. "But I would do it."

He turned out to be the more enthusiastic of the three.

Morad then chose one of the best of the best to take with him to San Francisco for a liberal protest where the man could see if he blends in. Both of them appear in costume with the conservative man dressed like a lesbian in a pink knitted "pussy" hat.

Watch it all unfold below: