WATCH: Televangelist Jim Bakker rants that he would 'get murdered' if he wears a MAGA hat
Evangelist Jim Bakker -- screen shot

Televangelist Jim Bakker claimed that if he wore any Make America Great Again gear that someone would shoot him.

During his Friday show, he said he was "concerned" about "liberals" putting him in a corner.

“I don’t dare wear a Trump hat. The evil in this country is so bad if I was a Republican — which I have been my whole life — I couldn’t wear a hat with my candidate on it without concern about being murdered in the street," Bakker said.

He added, “They’re putting us in a corner and I won’t shut up,” he added. “They send messages to me that I will be killed, that I will be thorough and yet I don’t stop. I’m in the United States of America and I’m threatened because I want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible? I believe this whole book. Why can’t I believe in this book? In America, you cannot believe this book without being harassed.”

Watch below.