President Donald Trump is reportedly upset that the late Sen. John McCain is getting so much media attention in the wake of his death on Saturday.

In a lengthy New York Times report about Trump and McCain's mutual disdain, reporters Michael D. Shear and Katie Rogers reveal that aides fear the president will lash out at McCain, who has been getting wall-to-wall coverage on cable news this week.

"By the weekend, when virtually all of official Washington -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- gathers at the National Cathedral for a nationally televised farewell, Mr. Trump is expected to have retreated to Camp David, where White House aides hope he will contain his anger at the attention being lavished on Mr. McCain," they write.

After McCain's passing on Saturday, Trump refused for two days to issue a statement praising McCain's life and legacy. Additionally, he ordered White House flags to fly at full staff on Monday, even though it's custom for flags to fly at half staff after the deaths of notable senators until their funerals.