White House counsel McGahn has spent the past nine months sharing private Trump information with Mueller investigators: report
White House counsel Don McGahn. Image via screengrab.

White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II has "cooperated extensively" with special counsel Robert Mueller, The New York Times reported Saturday.

McGahn has spent over 30 hours in voluntary interviews with special counsel investigators over the last nine months.

The White House counsel reportedly shared information that investigators would not have otherwise learned.

"For a lawyer to share so much with investigators scrutinizing his client is unusual," The Times explained. "Lawyers are rarely so open with investigators, not only because they are advocating on behalf of their clients but also because their conversations with clients are potentially shielded by attorney-client privilege, and in the case of presidents, executive privilege."

The story was based on interviews with a "dozen current and former White House officials and others briefed on the matter."

Bill Clinton's lawyers did not take such an approach during Independent Counsel Ken Starr's investigations, noted former deputy independent counsel Solomon L. Wisenberg.

“Oh my God, it would have been phenomenally helpful to us. It would have been like having the keys to the kingdom," he explained.