When Donald Trump has downtime, his aides get nervous, according to Associated Press White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire.

Appearing on Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show on Thursday afternoon, Lemire said that he's spent the last five days tagging along on Trump's golf retreat in New Jersey where Trump has "not had a lot of structured time."

"Every time he goes to Mar-A-Lago, every time he goes to Bedminster, aides get nervous," Lemire said. "He's not as well staffed. He has access to friends and club members who just kinda come and go and makes suggestions. He often gets revved up."

There's a history of Trump acting rashly while on vacation, Lemire said.

"It was Bedminster that he made the decision to fire James Comey. It was Bedminster last year when we heard about fire and fury when he bashed Mitch McConnell."

Lemire said that Republicans are afraid Trump may decide to interfere in the Mueller probe or "at the very least, another distraction tactic and there will be some other Uranium 1 style messaging muddle that will come up in the next couple weeks."

Wallace herself worried that Trump may be "about to blow" as he spends his days "fuming and stewing between golf games."

Watch below.