White Portland woman side-swipes car and hurls racist abuse as Middle Eastern man tries to get her insurance info
Bassel Hamieh and a racist white woman who hurled abuse at him after hitting his car/Courtesy and screenshot

A white Portland woman hit the car of a young man of Middle Eastern descent and then rained racist abuse down on him as he tried to get her insurance information, the Oregonian reports.

The woman denied hitting his car, claimed she didn't believe he was in the country legally and accused him of asking for her information so he could steal her identity.

"You don't look like a Portland guy," she told the 23-year-old Portland State University honor student.

"Some of you are terrorists," she said later.

The victim, Bassel Hamieh, said the woman's attack came when she refused to show her ID and insurance after sideswiping his car in downtown Portland. Hamieh said the woman continued driving until he ran after her.

Hamieh was born in Portland and lived briefly in Lebanon, where his parents are from.

On Facebook, he wrote that he did not take joy in shaming the woman vut felt he needed to speak up.

"Regardless of this, I will proceed with a kind heart and hope that one day all things will change," he wrote. "Though I felt defeated for an instance today, the support of my friends and family has reminded me of my worth as a citizen and a human being."

Watch below.