White woman evicted after video shows her slamming a door in a black boy's face and calling him a slur
9-year-old Brian Thomas-Riley being interviewed about a racist incident he experienced. Image via screengrab/Rev. GL Riley's Facebook.

A white Pennsylvania woman is being evicted after a video showed her slamming a door in a black child's face and calling him a racial slur — all while he was trying to hold the door open for her.

Pittsburgh's WPXI confirmed this week that the older white woman, identified only by her first name Susie, "has been served an eviction notice in direct connection to this incident."

In a video recorded by his father, Rev. GL Riley, nine-year-old Brian Thomas-Riley is seen holding the door for Susie before she slammed it in his face, causing him to jump backwards. According to the boy's father, the woman proceeded to call him a slur.

"He pushed the door a third of the way open and you heard, ‘get away you little [slur] boy,’” Riley told WPXI. The father said the woman proceeded to call him a slur as well.

“This was just cold and blatant," Riley said. "It's injustice. Period. And people need to be accountable for their action."

The building's management told WPXI that Susie "has a history of verbal abuse," but the confrontation with the child turning physical was "the last straw."

You can watch video of the woman slamming the door in the young boy's face below: