'You're an excellent lawyer!': Fox News host gushes over Republican's conspiracy theories about Trump and Mueller
Harris Faulkner (Fox News/screen grab)

On Fox News Wednesday, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) speculated about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's end game.

"He is not going to stop until he gets some kind of indictment against the President...That's what Mueller wants to get," he said.

"And when I hear that Giuliani is saying 'Oh if it goes past September 1st Mueller will be blamed for playing politics and affecting the election...' Mueller couldn't care less! He would love to affect the election," Gohmert insisted, citing zero evidence for his insight into Special Counsel Robert Mueller's head.

Gohmert then went on a rant against Mueller. "Mueller should be investigated and instead he's the special counsel!"

The Republican lawmaker cited his own legal expertise to back his opinion and said he used to be a pretty good lawyer himself.

"You're an excellent lawyer!" the Fox News host gushed over Gohmert.

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