Actor Jon Voight cries with joy talking about Trump on Fox News: 'Thank God! Thank God!'
Actor Jon Voight cries while discussing his love of Donald Trump on Fox News/Screenshot

Conservative firebrand Mark Levin invited actor Jon Voight onto his Sunday night Fox News Channel show to talk about the late, great Burt Reynolds and Donald Trump.

Jon Voight, 79, was a liberal in the 60s who has grown conservative with age. He has quarreled with others in Hollywood after developing his new outlook.

Voight, who is the father of Angelina Jolie, was also a very early Trump supporter.

On Levin's show, Voight told the story of his flight to appear on the show, where he asked an actress traveling with him what she thought of "our man" Trump.

"She just did this," Voight said, touching his heart and beginning to cry.

"That's, that's, uh, me, crying," Voight said. "It—it—was her, too. Saying, because. First of all, the gesture was so beautiful. She couldn't even speak. She was just saying, 'Thank God!' And I say, 'Thank God!'"

Watch below.