‘Should be automatically disqualifying’: Ex-prosecutor explains implications of shocking gang rape allegations
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Image via screengrab.

Former Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York Mimi Rocah said the latest allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be "automatically disqualifying."

"Mimi, regardless of how you feel about the timing of all of this, it would seem that the Judiciary Committee would be compelled to hear from this third accuser?" MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin noted.

"It would seem," Rocah agreed.

Attorney Michael Avenatti "has made this as evidentiary, as you will, as possible without her actually being under oath and testifying," she noted. "So it is, I think, much harder for them to ignore and just keep plowing forward."

"Why is all of this important? Certainly, if it can be shown that he engaged in any kind of sexual assault, let alone gang rape, even as a teenager that is -- that should be automatically disqualifying for a job like the Supreme Court," Rocah concluded.

"But even if he didn't, remember, this is man who is saying he treated women with respect from day one, he has never treated women badly, he has never (been) drunk, he has never engaged in party behavior," she continued. "I'm generalizing, but he has made very specific denials and very specific statements about his view and treatment of women, and so these allegations, even if he didn't actually engage in the gang rape, even if he was just present, even if he allowed it to happen, why is he lying about it?"

She also noted how Kavanaugh could have vulnerability to blackmail.

"A big part of background checks is making sure someone in a position of power like a government official or Supreme Court justice is not subject to blackmail," she reminded. "If they're subject to blackmail, then their decisions can be corrupted, and it would seem to me, that if nothing else, Brett Kavanaugh is severely subject to some kind of blackmail because there are people out there who believe that he engaged in bad behavior and that is something they cannot ignore."