Carl Bernstein: John Kelly should quit right now — and tell Congress Trump is unfit to be president
Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein on CNN (Screen capture)

Reporter Carl Bernstein, who teamed with Bob Woodward in the 1970s to blow open the Watergate investigation, told CNN on Wednesday that it's time for White House chief of staff John Kelly to resign and tell Congress that President Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency.

Reacting to new revelations in his former partner's book, Bernstein said that the time has come for administration officials to go on the record and make clear that the president is a threat to American national security.

"Why doesn't John Kelly, the chief of staff, go to the Congress of the United States in executive session, resign for the good of the country, go to Congress and say, 'I want to answer all of your questions about this president, in full, about what the context is, about what's in this book," he said. "Let's see how it holds up."

Former Nixon White House Counselor John Dean said that it's very likely that Kelly and other officials won't resign because they fear what Trump would do in their absence.

"They haven't left because they feel they're protecting either the country or the world, and that's serious," Dean said. "They may be denying the quotes they earlier gave Woodward so they can do their job."

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