Carl Bernstein says Woodward's book is a clear sign Trump is a 'national emergency' in stunning CNN interview

Carl Bernstein in an appearance this afternoon on CNN didn't tap dance around the allegations raised in Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House."

Responding to host Brooke Baldwin, who set a scenario of President Trump surrounded by "yes men or women" during a national emergency, Bernstein replied "It is time for the Republicans to say 'the Trump presidency is a national emergency, and it is up to us, both parties, to treat the Trump presidency as a national emergency." Bernstein also urged Congress to protect the Mueller investigation and to stop "blindly follow[ing] this president and his incompetency."

However, Bernstein was under no illusions that any of this would happen, referring to an "abdication of responsibility by the Republicans in the Congress of the United States such as we have never seen."

"This situation is far more dangerous" than Watergate, Bernstein added. "Here we see and hear his aides by name day after day after day say, the president is unhinged, he is a rage-a-holic, he is a danger to our national security."

Bernstein also pleaded to Chief of Staff John Kelly's sense of patriotism. "It would seem to me that General Kelly in the interest of the country needs to resign. And with a statement that says the presidency can no longer be entrusted to this man." He urged Kelly to promise "to appear before committees of Congress, whether in executive session or whether in open session", and share his honest opinion on whether or not Trump "is competent and able to lead the United States."

"We finally are inside the Trump White House," Bernstein said. "And it is a horror show."

Watch the video below.