Charleston bar shredded after bragging about chefs working 14-hour shifts through Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence batters North Carolina (Screen cap).

A bar in Charleston, South Carolina has decided to stay open through Hurricane Florence -- and one of its employees is even going so far as to boast about "my badass chefs" who worked a 14-hour shift through the storm.

A Reddit user going by the name of Seanji6 on Friday posted a photo showing two exhausted looking chefs sitting on a kitchen floor having a beer.

"My badass chefs after working a 14hr+ day getting crushed since we’re one of the only places open due to Florence’s arrival," wrote the user, who posted the photo in several subreddits.

The employees' shirts indicate that they work at the Blind Tiger, a restaurant and pub that advertised on Instagram that it would be open throughout the storm.

In an interview with the Charleston Post and Courier, Blind Tiger owner Mike Shuler explained that he was proud to have his bar stay open for as long as possible during hurricanes.

"I like to tell my employees we don’t suffer from 'premature evacuation syndrome,'" he said. "We try to hang on for dear life until the last second. That’s our business plan: Hell or high water, we’re gonna be open."

The bar received blowback on Reddit for boasting about staying open during Florence, however, as many users questioned whether it was a good idea to have employees stay on the job as a massive storm is hammering the area.

"You're a sh*t business owner for making them work," reads the top-rated comment in the Kitchen Confidential subreddit.

The top-rated comment at the Charleston subreddit, meanwhile, asked the restaurant pointed questions about treatment of its workers.

"Why are you open? Is it wise?" the user asked. "Did these guys volunteer and actually have a choice to work or not? Are you paying them a bonus?"

Raw Story has reached out to the Blind Tiger for comment and will update this story if the restaurant replies.