CNN analyst bashes Trump's 'successful' comment about Puerto Rico's hurricane as 'delusional, insensitive and outrageous'
Joey Jackson [Photo: Screengrab CNN]

While speaking about Hurrican Florance, Trump boasted about his administrations' response to last year hurricane in Puerto Rico.

On Tuesday, criminal defense attorney Joey Jackson slammed President Donald Trump's response to Puerto Rico as irresponsible during CNN's Jim Sciutto show.

Jackson called Trump's comments "delusional, insensitive and outrageous."

"He spins and he bobs and he weaves and lies, and if you say it enough times, I guess it becomes the truth. Understand that we're living in a time of alternative facts," Jackson said.

"The statements by the president, let's be clear, are delusional, insensitive and outrageous. The point of the matter is as we look at those horrific numbers is that the president just doesn't own up to the realities," he said.

He added, "It's just not the truth, and that's what we get out of this White House day in and day out. It's grossly misfortunate."

Watch the video below via CNN.