CNN guest obliterates Kavanaugh defender who personally vouches for him: 'Because you know him' he's innocent?
Kirsten Powers, left, debates Margaret Hoover, right, on CNN (Screen cap).

USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers on Wednesday tore into fellow CNN panelist Margaret Hoover after she cast doubt on accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh due to her past personal interactions with him.

During a discussion about the upcoming hearing that's scheduled to feature both Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Ford, Hoover said that she's known Kavanaugh for a long time, which made her reluctant to think that he would ever try to rape someone as a teenager.

"I just want to raise one other point about Brett Kavanaugh," she said. "A man I happen to know personally. I met him, I've worked at the Bush White House, I know that he has high integrity."

Powers, however, issued a blistering rebuttal.

"You just basically said you know him and he didn't do it," Powers said. "That's irrelevant and you know it is irrelevant."

"I would say I know him to be a person of high integrity and character," Hoover objected.

"What does that have to do anything?" Powers shot back. "Because you know him, that means he didn't do this?"

Watch the video below.