CNN panel goes off the rails as Trump lover shouts down Kirsten Powers claiming Kavanaugh's accusers came forward for 'ratings'
Michael Caputo, Anderson Cooper, Kristen Powers [Photo: Screengrab via CNN]

On Wednesday, CNN's Anderson Cooper panel went off the rails while debating about sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

CNN political analyst Kristen Powers said that former Donald Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo yelling and interrupting her was a prime example as for why survivors of sexual assault don't come forward.

Caputo continued to downplay the allegations brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and now four other women as a scheme for the Democrats to get "ratings."

"I understand that something probably happened to Dr. Ford. I just don't think Kavanaugh was involved," Caputo said.

Caputo then questions Kavanaugh's second accuser Julie Swetnick."Why the heck would you go back to parties where young girls were in a bedroom getting gang raped by teenagers when you're an adult?

Powers then responded by saying that Caputo sounded bonkers.

"This was a time when women just simply were not believed and everybody sounded like Donald Trump and Michael Caputo," she said. "So, if you're going to ask why women didn't come forward, Michael, that's your answer. Just listen to yourself."

Caputo then shouted down Powers by saying that generations of boys and their mother will have to live in worry of potentially being accused of sexual assault.

"From now on, every mother of sons, every grandmother of grandsons, has to fear for the future of their boys because of people like you who sit here and take uncorroborated testimony, uncorroborated allegations, against a decent man and ruin him because it gets you ratings," Caputo said.

As a point of fact, most boys and men don't rape or attempt to rape women or girls.

Watch the video below via CNN.