CNN's Anderson Cooper on Woodward's recording  of Trump: 'So who are you going to believe? Pres. Trump or Pres. Trump?'
Donald Trump speaks to the press inside the White House/Screenshot

CNN's Anderson Cooper took a jab at President Donald Trump after excerpts from veteran journalist Bob Woodward's forthcoming book were released.

Trump said in an audio recording that Woodward was a very credible journalist, and then slammed him once he heard about the release of the book. Trump also claimed that he didn't know about the book, but was later revealed that he actually did.

"So who are you going to believe on this one? President Trump or President Trump?" Cooper asked.

He added, "By the way, the president in that actual recording when he said nobody had told me about it, meaning the book, in that very same recording, later on, Woodward points out to him that Senator Lindsey Graham had told the president about the book and Woodward's desire to interview the president."

Watch the video below via CNN.