CNN’s Christiane Amanpour demolishes Trump’s 'confused' UN speech point by point -- wrong on OPEC, globalism, and more

CNN's Christiane Amanpour mercilessly tore into Donald Trump's Tuesday speech to the U.N., saying the president was "confused" about globalism, foreign aid, oil prices, and just about everything else.

"The president appears to associate sovereignty with isolationism," Amanpour said. "He doesn't believe, at least according to the speech, that all countries can be sovereign and still be part of a multilateral world." But Amanpour said that "doesn't all add up."

"He rejects globalism and then he praises India for raising a billion people out of poverty," she said. "Only globalization was able to do that."

"Sovereignty and multilateralism are not mutually exclusive. This is the big situation that I think he's somewhat confused about," Amanpour told host Kate Bolduan. "He rejected foreign aid. He said he's going to only give it to our friends and to people who respect us." That, she added, represents "a total change from what the United States has done before, because it's tried to use foreign aid to pursue and embrace their own foreign policy goals."

Amanpour also ridiculed the president's challenge to oil-producing countries. "He's very upset and said 'not good' about OPEC, right? But it's not OPEC raising oil prices," she said. "As an oil expert said to me, when the president removes 1.5 billion barrels of oil per day, for instance from Iran by putting the sanctions on, what happens? Supply goes down, prices go up. That's what's causing right now the prices to go up." She added that the speech was riddled with similar "inconsistencies."

Watch the video below.