CNN's Jake Tapper slams Trump for downplaying the number of women who accused him of sexual assault: 'It was at least 15'
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

On Wednesday, CNN's Jake Tapper fact-checked President Donald Trump immediately after his press conference.

During Trump's news conference he attempted to sympathize with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegations, by ranting about his own sexual assault accusations.

Tapper bashed Trump for saying it was about "four to five women" who accused Trump of sexually assault. According to Tapper, it was "closer to 15."

"He called these accusations from these women false. He said they were part of a big fat con job," Tapper said. "He said that he was inclined to not believe them because of the many sexual harassments and sexual assault allegations made against him."

He added, "He was not honest about how many there were. He said there were four to five. It was actually at least 15."

Watch the video below via CNN.