'Not fit to be president': CNN’s Symone Sanders explains why officials in the Trump White House believe it is ‘on fire'
Symone Sanders [Photo: screengrab from video]

On Wednesday, The New York Times released an anonymous op-ed from a Senior White House official that detailed more of President Donald Trump's deficiency to lead the country.

Shortly after the article was published, CNN's Jake Tapper panel responded to the news by saying it might be damaging to the president and provided more proof that the White House is "on fire."

"Although he was elected as a Republican, the president shows little affinity for ideals long espoused by conservatives: free minds, free markets, and free people," the article states.

CNN's contributor Symone Sanders said the author of the article believes it's his job to keep the flames of Trump's leadership under control for the protection of the country.

"Sounds to me that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. Which is what myself and many other people argued during the 2016 election," Sanders said.

She added, "I think this op-ed came as a result of the Woodward's book. This person and maybe many people in the White House feel as though it is vital for people in the country and around the globe to know that we believe the house is on fire and we are just here to stoke the flames down."

Watch the video below via CNN.