CNN's Toobin unloads on GOP covering for 'lunatic' Trump: They'll put the country 'at risk' as long as they get their judges
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin slams the GOP for covering for President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday unloaded on the Republican Party for letting someone they know is mentally unstable serve as president just so they can get judges and tax cuts.

In describing the way that the GOP is covering for Trump despite the fact that they know he's a danger to national security, Toobin said that the only thing that really matters to the party is maintaining power and advancing their right-wing agenda.

"Conservatives think Donald Trump is a fool," Toobin said. "They think Donald Trump is immoral, incurious, but they're getting the Supreme Court that they want. They're getting their Supreme Court that will gut pollution regulations, that will let states ban abortion, that will end Affirmative Action in the United States. They're winning!"

To put this into perspective, Toobin said that conservatives now seem fine with intentionally putting the country's security at risk as long as Trump keeps making right-wing judicial appointments.

"So if the country is at risk from a lunatic president, it's worth it because they're getting the Supreme Court they want," he said. "I think that's the calculation."

Watch the video below.