Colorado Dem candidate shot at while sitting in her truck -- and she says she's been getting harassed for months
Colorado Democratic state senate candidate Rebecca Cranston (Official photo).

Rebecca Cranston, a Democratic candidate for state senate in Colorado, has told police that someone shot at her truck almost as soon as she parked it in her driveway last week.

Coloradoan reports that Cranston was sitting in her driveway talking on her phone when she heard a loud noise.

"It didn't occur to me that it would be a gunshot at first, until we saw the bullet hole," she explained.

According to Coloradoan, "it's not clear if Rebecca Cranston... was targeted or if the shooting was related to other reported shootings in northwest Fort Collins," where the Democratic candidate resides.

Cranston reported the shooting to the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, which says that it is in the initial stages of investigating the shooting, which may be related to two other unsolved shootings that occurred in the area earlier this spring.

Cranston claims that she has been subjected to harassment during the course of her campaign, which she said has included people staking out her house and stealing her mail.

"I don't really feel safe here, frankly," she said.

Writing on Facebook Wednesday, Cranston further said that "in the last 9 months, I have filed 3 police reports following disturbing incidences of harassment, including someone following and photographing me and my home."

She did add, however, that she does not believe her Republican opponent, Rob Woodward, had anything to do with the shooting that took place at her house.