Conservative MSNBC guest says Kavanaugh is becoming a disaster for GOP in the suburbs
Conservative commentator Ashley Pratte on MSNBC/Screenshot

Will the Republican Party's bullish insistence on pushing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh through despite numerous credible allegations of sexual assault and what appears to be a pattern of lying hurt the GOP in November's midterm elections?

Conservative guest Ashley Pratte said so on MSNBC on Saturday. Pratte called the hearings "a very dark day" for women and pointed to polling that shows the decision was a disaster.

"They did have an imagery problem when it came to women anyway," she said. "A Fox News polls showed already opposing—among women, they were 10% more likely to believe Dr. Ford. Among suburban women, that number jumped up to 17 points higher. I think going into mid-terms here and after these testimonies those numbers will only grow."

Pratte said that she was thankful for Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) standing up and demanding an investigation of the allegations by the FBI.

"I see it as something that needs to happen," she said. "I fully applaud and support Senator Flake for coming out and doing this. He really showed he was willing to put principle over party and he has done this time and time again."

Watch below.