Conservative columnist lays out 'horror show' set for Supreme Court if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed
Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC -- screenshot

Even if Republicans can confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it doesn't mean that the justice will actually be able to serve out a lifetime appointment.

Following the day's hearings, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin laid out the "horror show" waiting for both Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court if he's confirmed.

If Kavanaugh makes it through—but Republicans don't keep control of both houses of Congress—the politically charged events around Kavanaugh could lead to unprecedented actions. That includes the possibility of impeaching the accused rapist and of the next Democratic President packing the court with more than nine justices—a power play using a loophole in the Constitution that's been threatened a few times since the current number was set in 1869 but never used.

Among the first things Democrats could do? Call his old drinking buddy Mark Judge before Congress to testify and grill him on his activities with Kavanaugh to uncover perjury in Kavanaugh's testimony that would lead to his humiliation and impeachment.

That would put the Supreme Court into a "horror show," she wrote.