Constitutional expert tells MSNBC why the 25th Amendment won't be used to remove Trump from office

The National Constitution Center's Jeffrey Rosen appeared Thursday on MSNBC, where he explained to host Ali Velshi how the 25th Amendment works -- and why it was unlikely to be used to remove President Trump from office.

"Birch Bayh, the framer of the amendment was thinking mainly of the president being ill," said Rosen, pointing to both the Kennedy assassination and the severe illnesses that affected President Eisenhower. "But they did contemplate the possibility that he might be mentally disabled, and they decided that would be a political judgment by the vice president and members of the cabinet."

But Rosen was quick to add that "it's harder to remove the president through the 25th amendment than through impeachment." That's because the decision would be made by those closest to the president, and that decision could be contested by the president himself, followed by a deciding two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress.

As a result, Rosen agreed with Velshi that it was "probably not true or likely that the cabinet was thinking about" removing Trump in that manner.

Watch the video below.