Disturbing video of white high school student repeatedly screaming the N-word causes safety fears in Alabama
A snarling, angry white teenage girl. Image via Shutterstock.

After a video of a white Alabama high school student screaming the N-word was posted on Snapchat, a black mother began to worry about the safety of her daughter.

The Birmingham News reported that Oak Mountain, AL mother Passion Walker was "livid" when she discovered the video of a white student at Spain Park High School repeatedly using the slur and claiming she "freaking loves" the term.

The video, released by the ABC 33/40 news station on Twitter Tuesday night, shows the girl screaming the term over and over while swinging on an unidentified apparatus.

In a subsequent Snapchat post, the white girl appeared to be aware that there was a backlash to her video.

"All you [expletive] "n*****s" in that group chat that got butt hurt by that, go [expletive] yourself because it's the 21st Century," the girl said, according to the Birmingham News. "You can sit there and call me cracker. Congratulations. I'm white. You're black. No one gives a freaking damn that you're black."

In a Facebook post that was accompanied by the video, Walker decried the girl's video and said she intends to take action.

"Really? Is this really what we're teaching our children in Birmingham, AL?" she wrote. "So this is the type of ignorance my daughter deals with occasionally at school amongst her peers."

"The parents of this young lady should be ashamed of themselves," Walker continued. "Board of Education, here I come."

The mother told the Birmingham News that the video was "alarming," especially in the wake of a violent incident her daughter witnessed earlier in September when she was at a party in a teen venue where someone opened fire and injured seven people.

"She was exposed to violence in the most unimaginable way,'' Walker said. "As a parent I am so afraid that my daughter won't have the freedom to live a normal life."

"Violence and racism plague our communities," she added. "What are we coming to and where are we going when our children are not safe anywhere?"