Emaciated Wisconsin teen dies after 'minister' parents impose a multi-month religious fast
Titilayno Omosebi (left) and Kehinde Omosebi (right), parents of 15-year-old son was found dead from starvation. Images via Reedsburg Police Department.

Over Labor Day weekend in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, a 15-year-old was found dead after his "minister" father imposed a months-long religious fast.

The Reedsburg Times-Press reported that the teen, identified in a Facebook statement posted by Reedsburg police as Ayanfe O. Omosebi, was emaciated and dead when police arrived at the Omosebi house on September 2.

Along with the 15-year-old, an 11-year-old child was also discovered emaciated but still alive.

The boy's father, Kehinde Omosebi, reported the boy's death to the police himself earlier in the day. He told officers that the boy died on August 31.

According to the report, RPD had to force entry into the house where they found the deceased boy and his brother. Their mother, Titilayno Omosebi, was also emaciated but reportedly refused treatment on religious grounds.

Omosebi told police that he was a "minister" associated with a nearby church and that he and his family had been on a religious fast since July 19. Police found no food in their apartment upon searching.

Kehinde and Titilayno Omosebi were arrested and were charged with negligence of a child causing death and great bodily harm.

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