Engine plant in Mike Pence’s hometown takes $200 million hit from Trump trade war

Trump's tariffs may be popular with his base, but they are hitting home in a bad way for Cummins Manufacturing, the world's largest diesel manufacturer, which is located in vice-president Mike Pence's hometown of Columbus, Indiana. Thanks to Trump's trade war the company --which host Stephanie Ruhle pointed out "relies heavily on imports from, guess where, China"-- is taking a $200 million hit annually.

Tracy Embree, president of the company's components division explained the problem, saying Trump's latest list "has had a pretty significant impact on us with some of our engines, specifically a piece called blocks and head."

"We have no source in the U.S. for those parts," she said. "Right now capacity is not available, with the exception of suppliers in China."

Embree said the total impact of Trump's tariffs added up to a hit of about $200 million per year. 'We are aligned with the goals of the administration on creation of strong trade agreements that are fair," Embree said with a look of frustration. "Tariffs are not the right answer to accomplish that. In fact, tariffs are harmful, tariffs are a tax, and that affects American workers, affects American companies."

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