Evangelicals will crucify Trump if Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination fails: MSNBC reporter

MSNBC White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor said Monday that if President Trump loses his fight to put conservative Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, his religious base may lose whatever faith they have in the man many of their sect believe was chosen by God to lead the country.

"Sarah Sanders is echoing a lot of the reaction of a lot of evangelical Christians when I asked them how they support President Trump," Alcindor said. "They say this is someone who can be used even if he's problematic, even if he in their mind has sinned, that he can still be someone who puts forth policies that can help people's lives."

But in the event that Trump fails to appoint Kavanaugh to the court, where he could be the deciding vote on an number of their political goals, conservative Christians will like flee, Alcindor believed. "This is one of the number one things that evangelical Christians wanted out of this president," she said. "They wanted a Supreme Court that was going to try to overturn Roe v. Wade, that wasn't going to be pro-choice, that was going to be a pro-life Supreme Court."

With hearings delayed and a growing bipartisan group of senators calling for Kavanaugh's accuser to be heard, these goals are now in doubt, with potentially grave political consequences for Trump. "If Brett Kavanaugh can't get through," Alcindor said, "this president will have a lot of people look at him in the evangelical community and saying 'why are we supporting you?'

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