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Far-right protestor Laura Loomer hilariously drowned out by auctioneer-turned-congressman at House Twitter hearing



A far-right protestor was hilariously and uniquely shut down at today’s House hearings into the social media giants and Russian election interference.

As a woman identified as alt-right agitator Laura Loomer stood up in the audience and shouted, “please help us, Mr. President, before it is too late because Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election to sway the election,” the voice of Representative Billy Long (R-MO), who is a certified auctioneer, suddenly rang out.


Anyone who has heard a skilled auctioneer at his or her job knows how loud they can be, and how the words emerge from the speaker’s mouth like machine gun fire. As Long’s nasally drawl transformed the hearings into an outright auction that seemed to be cultivating bids on her cellphone, Loomer was drowned out and escorted from the proceedings.

Just as swiftly, Mr. Long’s voice dropped to a normal volume and speed as he said “I yield back,” and the audience erupted in laughter.

Loomer is no stranger to controversial stunts, notoriously jumping on stage during a performance of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” to protest “the normalization of political violence against the right”, getting banned by both Uber and Lyft for racist statements, and disrupting the Pulse nightclub mass shooting trial.

Watch the video below.

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Brazil’s Yanomamis say endangered by miners spreading coronavirus



Brazil's Yanomami indigenous people on Tuesday demanded the government of President Jair Bolsonaro expel illegal goldminers from its territory to protect their communities from the spread of the coronavirus.

Three Yanomami people have died so far of COVID-19 and there are growing fears the pandemic could wipe out thousands of Brazil's 27,000 Yanomamis if they become widely exposed to the disease.

"The miners are entering the Yanomami indigenous land with COVID-19 contamination." said Dario Kopenawa, leader of the Hutukara Yanomami Association.

"It is a very serious situation for the Yanomami and that is why we are campaigning so that non-indigenous people worry about our situation. The coronavirus can kill many Yanomami," he said.

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False rumors of an antifa invasion are filling up local neighborhood Facebook groups: report



Unverified rumors about factions of antifa and looters descending on suburban neighborhoods are blowing up in local Facebook groups and neighborhood watch forums around the country, NBC News reports.

"Some of the posts feature a screenshot of a tweet by a fake antifa Twitter account that Twitter said was created by the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, attempting to drum up fear of looting in residential and suburban areas," the reports reads. "The false antifa tweet was boosted in part by Donald Trump Jr., who posted a screenshot of the tweet to his Instagram account. Other rumors falsely warn of antifa members being 'bused in' to towns in Idaho."

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Local DC reporter: ‘Major movement of military hardware and personnel’ into downtown Washington



A local Washington, D.C. reporter posted video of a huge military vehicle emblazoned with the word “flammable” on its side, which he says is driving on the streets of the nation’s capital. This comes just one day after President Donald Trump told the nation’s governors to “dominate” the streets and increase the presence of the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies.

“Seeing a major movement of military hardware and personnel on the streets of downtown DC today as #GeorgeFloyd protests continue,” Tom Fitzgerald of Fox affiliate Fox5 reported via Twitter.

Seeing a major movement of military hardware and personnel on the streets of downtown DC today as #GeorgeFloyd protests continue. @Fox5DC pic.twitter.com/Qk2cgi2AQa

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