Former classmate reveals Kavanaugh and buddy Chris Dudley drunkenly busted in on couple to humiliate a woman
Kavanaugh faced an allegation that he assaulted a woman when they were teenagers. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

Retired basketball player and Brett Kavanaugh classmate Chris Dudley has endorsed his friend's Supreme Court nomination with glowing remarks about their time at Yale. But one former classmate of the two men had a different take.

In an interview, Dudley said that he never once saw Brett Kavanaugh "blackout" drunk. However, when interviewed by CNN's Chris Cuomo last week, Lynne Brookes described the two as blackout drunks, who liked humiliating women.

Former FBI special agent Asha Rangappa tweeted that she was taking a second look at the interview with Brookes given the information revealed in the hearings last week.

"Watching this clip again, Lynne Brookes' account of a particular party at 3:22 is noteworthy in light of recent allegations," Rangappa said.

A look back at the interview quotes Brookes talking about the two drunkenly breaking into a room to humiliate a young woman.

"I thought today that he evaded questions," she said. "And he kept trying to turn the question around to, 'But I studied really hard.' Well, ya know what? I studied really hard too I went to Wharton Business School. I went to Yale. I drank to excess many nights with Brett Kavanaugh. The two are not mutually exclusive."

That's when Cuomo brought up Dudley's statement. Brookes noted that she didn't frequent as many parties with Dudley as Kavanaugh, but one she remembered very well.

"Both Brett and Chris Dudley were very drunk," she described. "And they thought it would be really funny to barge into a room where a guy and a girl had gone off together and embarrass that woman. Chris Dudley was the one who went in, under the 'egging on' of Brett Kavanaugh and they thought it was funny. The girl was mortified and I was furious. So, I'm not sure he's the best character witness."

In an earlier part of the interview, she explained that Kavanaugh was lying about partying at Yale and drinking to excess. The characterization that he wasn't a blackout drunk is incorrect in her assessment.

"There had to be a number of nights where he does not remember," she said.

That's the same assessment Yale classmate Chad Ludington had too. In an interview with The New York Times, Ludington claimed Kavanaugh played down his drinking considerably.

"The judge had often become 'belligerent and aggressive' while intoxicated," The Times reported.

“It is truth that is at stake, and I believe that the ability to speak the truth, even when it does not reflect well upon oneself, is a paramount quality we seek in our nation’s most powerful judges,” Ludington said, noting he plans to take his information to the FBI.

Watch the interview with Brookes below: