Former DOJ official mocks Jeff Sessions' latest troubles on MSNBC: Trump 'itching' to get rid of him

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree couldn't stop laughing as he discussed Attorney General Jeff Sessions' latest Trump troubles Monday on MSNBC. Earlier in the day, the president levied some of his harshest attacks yet on Sessions, saying in an interview with The Hill "I don’t have an attorney general" and that Sessions was "mixed up and confused."

"The president does have an attorney general. He chose that attorney general, Jeff Sessions," Stephanie Ruhle reminded viewers. "What Jeff Sessions and the position isn't, is Donald Trump's personal attorney." Meanwhile, Dupree struggled to hold back a grin.

"I think it's fair to say that the president has a very different concept and understanding of the role of the attorney general than Jeff Sessions does," Dupree laughed. "This relationship has not been good for a long time, ever since Sessions recused himself." Dupree said with a wry chuckle that their relationship had gone from "aberrational" to "just openly dysfunctional."

Despite his rueful laughter, Dupree said "this is not a healthy relationship for the president or for the country to have the president in open warfare with his attorney general."

Co-host Ali Velshi asked Dupree if Sessions could even "do his job as attorney general with it very clear that the president does not support him?"

"It is increasingly difficult," Dupree agreed, saying that without that support, Sessions could have trouble leading the department. More troubling for the country's highest law enforcement officer however, Dupree said, was that "after the midterm elections are out of the way", the president "will have greater freedom to do what he is so clearly itching to do, which is to get himself a new attorney general."

Dupree also mocked Trump's dislike for Sessions, despite the attorney general's efforts to show that he's "implementing the president's agenda".

"The fact that the president is picking on him for lax border enforcement is puzzling," Dupree said. "Because this is something that the attorney general at least appears to think that he is faithfully implementing the wishes of the president."

Watch the video below.