Former McCain aides praise memorial service as 'America's rebuke' to the 'meanness and cruelty' of Trump
Former President George W. Bush shares a piece of candy and a smile with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Two former top political advisors to fallen Sen. John McCain described his memorial service as a "rebuke" to President Donald Trump.

John Weaver and Steve Schmidt both served on McCain's presidential bids and joined MSNBC, where they are contributors, for coverage of Saturday's ceremony at the National Cathedral.

"This is America's rebuke to the current president and the politics of division and hate," Weaver explained to MSNBC host Chris Matthews. "That's what's on display here, Chris."

"What you see, particularly in the remarks by the two former presidents, is defiance," Schmidt observed. "Defiance against this low and vile moment in our politics."

"A push back, a rebuke, to this terrible moment in American life, this moment of meanness, cruelty," Schmidt concluded.