Fox & Friends hosts scurry to control damage after Brian Kilmeade rants in defense of Kavanaugh’s teenage behavior
Fox News' Brian Kilmeade yells about the Brett Kavanaugh allegations (Screen cap).

"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade on Wednesday went off on an angry tirade about the attempted rape allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- and even his co-hosts were taken aback.

During a discussion on Kavanaugh's nomination, Kilmeade complained about how unfair it was that allegedly trying to rape someone in high school could come back to haunt a nominee to the Supreme Court.

"I was at back-to-school night last night for my 10th and 12th grader, and little did I know, I was just trying to see if they had blown any shot at finding success in life in 10th and 12th grade," he began.

At this point, Kilmeade's voice started rising as he got more angry.

"Because that's what I'm getting from this whole process!" he shouted. "When in doubt, go back to high school and college, even if you're in your fifties!"

At this point, co-host Steve Doocy stepped in to point out that the allegations against Kavanaugh were "serious" and shouldn't just be dismissed as a high school prank if true.

This did not deter Kilmeade, however.

"For people to say, let's go back to high school to stop you from moving forward -- I've heard of your transcript mattering in ninth grade for college, but I didn't know your ninth and tenth-grade actions could really reflect on what happens in the Supreme Court!" he ranted.

Watch the video below.