Fox host praises Trump for hiring 'smart' people who disobey him: 'That's how the system is supposed to work'
Deirdre Bolton (Fox Business/screen grab)

Fox Business host Deirdre Bolton on Thursday suggested that the White House is functioning as it is supposed to after The New York Times revealed that a senior staff member is working behind the scenes to thwart President Donald Trump's agenda.

In an op-ed published on Wednesday, a person who was described as "a senior official in the Trump administration" said that they considered it their patriotic duty to work against some of Trump's agenda.

While Trump himself hinted that the anonymous writer may be guilty of treason, Bolton said that there is a silver lining for the president.

"I actually took away one positive, which I know is a bit odd," Bolton explained. "The writer's most concrete example of how the Trump administration is failing was about the sanctions against Russia, which seem to be something that the president did not want to do initially. But then, [the president] kind of came around."

"So in some respects -- although the person is very critical, obviously -- that's kind of the point," she continued. "Right? You get all the smartest people in the room, everybody argues and hopefully the best idea wins. I mean, that's the idealistic view, of course, of the sausage being made."

"The one example that was [in the op-ed], I thought that was how the system was supposed to work," Bolton added. "Smart people argue and the best idea wins."

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